Animal portraits

Super excited to announce that I have won the overall award in the photo competition of the Attica Zoological Park and the first awards in two categories.

Many thanks to the evaluation committee and the Attica Zoological Park for organising the competition and hosting the lovely creatures who are the protagonists!

I am sharing below a gallery with the images I submitted to the contest.

Milky Way over the island of Kea

The Milky Way is a galaxy with a diameter between 100,000 and 180,000 light-years which contains 100 to 400 billion (yes, billion!) stars.

If you are in an area which is dark enough and the weather is clear, if you look towards the south you can see the milky way especially during the nights before, during or just after a new moon, when the moonlight is not strong. 

I consider myself lucky: the skies above the Kea island, where I spent my summer holidays, were dark and clear enough to make the milky way clearly visible even to the naked eye. 

So I couldn’t help myself. I am posting below the result of some nights’ work. Enjoy!

Lighting up the Milky Way

Last week I managed to shoot a photo of myself “lighting up” the milky way.

I always wanted to make such an image - I even bought a high-end LED flashlight for this reason (the Fenix PD35TAC which is mainly used for military and law enforcement purposes). 

So last week, under the new moon, I found an area with a southern orientation which had both a clear view of the milky way and relatively limited urban lights, I set up my camera and tripod and tried several versions of the photo.

The one to the right is the one I like best. 

Beware: my intention is to try various milky way images this summer, so stay tuned :-) 

(More info: Canon 5d mkIII, Samyang 14mm, 20 seconds at f/2.8, ISO 3200, the lights in the background are from Ioulis, the capital of Kea island) 

New additions in the "Window Seat" collection

I travelled quite a bit recently so I added new photos in my "Window Seat" collection.

Three Honorable Awards in the Fine Art Photography Contest

Happy to announce that I received three Honorable Awards in the “Fine Art Photography Awards” 2017. This year the contest received 6335 submissions from 89 countries around the world. Winners were selected by highly acclaimed panel of international judges, including: Tim Franco, Nadia Dias, Liza Van der Stock, Matilde Gattoni, Amélie Labourdette, Valery Klamm and Pierre Abensur. My awarded images were:

The beauty of the Grand Place

I have been many times in the past (and most probably be many times in the future) at the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium, and always wanted to capture the beauty of this magnificent place in images. My favourite time is dusk, when the square is illuminated both by the setting sun and the artificial lights of the buildings. I tried to capture the essence of the place with multiple image panoramas, which will allow me to to print really large prints, as well as single shot images of specific details.

See more at my Grand Place gallery.  

The Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium

Three Honorable Mentions in International Black and White Photography Contest

Thrilled to announce that I received three Honorable Mentions in the “Monochrome Awards” the International Black and White Photography Contest.

The 2016 Monochrome Awards received 8122 submissions from 81 countries around the world. 

The awarded images were:

  • the image “Shipwreck” in the “Fine Art” category
  • the image “Nocturnal” in the “Landscape” category
  • and the image “Bird on Rocks” also in the “Landscape” category. 

Four Honourable mentions in the ND Awards 2016 competition

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 17.32.28.png

Happy to announce that I received four Honorable Mentions in the ND Awards 2016 competition. The awarded images were in:

Four Honourable Mentions in the 11th Annual Black & White Spider Awards

Excited to announce that I received four nominations at the international contest “11th Annual Black & White Spider Awards

Black & White Spider Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence in black and white photography. This year there were 7,556 entries from 71 countries. The Jury represented the industry's biggest names and tastemakers who reviewed the entries online before making their nominations and honoring 627 awards and 951 nominees in 31 categories.