Group exhibition at Blank Wall gallery

The Blank Wall Gallery at Athens, Greece, is hosting a photography exhibition with "Dreamlike Landscape" photos from photographers all over the world and includes one of my images. Have a look at the catalogue of the exhibition or read a press announcement

Here is the press release: 

Dreamlike Landscapes. Photographs that create a dreemlike feeling. Time is there and gives a very vivid effect on the final result, These images present a distorted reality. They speak to each viewer separately and by inviting them to empty their minds from every thought, they create a variety of emotions and reactions, a different reality for each and everyone. Seemingly ordinary and everyday scenes are transformed into something different.

Participating artists:

Alex Moustris # Greece                 Gregoris Mentzas # Greece
Jamie Rowland # UK                      Jeff Alves de Lima # USA
Joanna Epstein # USA                   Kostas Barbadimos # Greece
Mariko Evans # Japan                    Mark Chen # USA
Markus Green # Germany             Michael Wicks # USA
Miguel Cabezas # Spain                Panagiotis Feloukas # Greece
Patrick Whitaker # USA                  Pete McCuchen # USA
Rohina Gandhi Hoffman # USA     Ron Colbroth # USA
Ronny Behnert # Germany            Ryan Alexandra Shanley # USA
Tom Harper # USA                         Thomas Lemke # USA